Minneapolis Office Leasing Tips

Tips for Leasing Retail, Warehouse, or Office space

Estimate your current and future space needs. A common measurement is about 200 to 300 finished square feet per person.

Use a professional. A commercial real estate agent will save you time and money when you need suitable rental space. Agents like us have the inside track on what space is currently on the market and can advise you on which properties are the best.

Consider using the OfficeSpaceMinnesota.com locator service. It’s a 100% free service. Best of all you’ll spend just a few seconds specifying exactly what you are looking for, and a specialist will get back to you with options perfectly suited to your requirements. Click here to try it right now.

Openly discuss needed improvements in any property you are looking at. Tenant improvements are what helps the space fit your business and keep you happy.

Examine your prospective parking situation carefully. Make sure that you have the number of parking spots your employees and customers need.

If you want to lower your costs, consider sharing space with another firm. Ask us if we have anyone else interested in sharing. The benefits could include lowering your costs for everything from office equipment, reception areas, meeting rooms, break rooms, and offices.

Need a flexible solution for your new or growing business? Ask for what you need. Look for a partner that understands that small-business entrepreneurs want access to low-cost office space and flexible leasing options.

Read a prospective lease carefully. Clearly understand what your monthly payment will be. Review the length of the lease, what the landlord is responsible for, any provisions for getting out of the lease early, and other standard clauses. Keep in mind additional business features and whether or not there will be any issues (telephone lines, cable service, broadband Internet connections, etc.) Ask if they provide free Internet services.

This information is provided courtesy of the OfficeSpaceMinnesota.com locator service. It’s a 100% free service. Click here to try it right now.